Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's One of Those Blue Sundays When...

You realize you have more single socks than you did last week

You bathed your geriatric cat because she isn't always so neat in the litterbox, now she is mad and yowling at you

Texts to friends go unanswered but you see them posting on Facebook

You're out of vodka but there is still bloody mary mix in the frig

The cat pees again on her blanket, and you contemplate whether she would have any quality of life since the rest of it will be spent shut in the bathroom

All the laundry is done but you still don't have a matching pair of socks

The person on Craigslist trying to get rid of something won't email you back

Last night was fun with the girls but now there is the after-the-ball-has-ended feeling

You realize the cat pee wasn't limited to the blanket

Well, I hope at least the fish is happy. He isn't saying much. And my sweetie went grocery shopping before he left. There's always peanut butter toast. And a matching sock that came out of the dryer with the cat blanket. My new fleecy socks haven't been washed yet, so I leave blobs of pink and brown fuzz here and there, but they are so comfy!
Time for home-popped popcorn and a movie.


  1. About those socks - I was using a rogue sock as a coaster (I'm lazy) and finally decided to get a little classier, so I dumped the single sock. This was last week. Guess what I found in my sock drawer least I got a new coaster (deciding to be classy and actually being classy: two different things).

  2. LOL!!!

    kind of oxymoronic, isn't it, how the "rogue" socks... seem to stick together

  3. Hi. I see you haven't posted in ages. Just wanted to say hi and I'm back. x