Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Farm Memories

Thanks to JANIE and her Utah Trails blog (see link on the right) for reminding me of the warmer, lazier days...

Every buddy needs to feel safe enough to get a good snooze in. Glad to see it! I keep laughing every time I look at them! Being around sleeping horses is very special indeed, like being in church somewhere, we creep around quietly so as not to disturb... and they wake up with those sleepy faces, as if to say, "Wha-?"

I got caught sneaking a photo. These guys slept about the same time each day, if the sun was out and it was warm enough. Out in farmland there wasn't too much going on day in and day out.

Only once in the year we were here did I see a mountain lion, and I only knew to look for something because the herd came running in from the back forty all a-huff. Looking across the property, about a quarter-mile away, I saw the large straw-colored cat leaping up the hillside like it was nothing. I grabbed my shovel and walked over the rise along the dirt road that separated the 20 acre pasture from the berry fields, followed along the fence by some very curious and dramatic four-leggeds, as though they were my posse. The cat just ended up sitting and watching all of us for a while, then leaped back over the property fence (seven feet, taller in places) and we never saw it again. Funny how the horses all wanted a powwow afterwards, I hopped the gate and we all stood together, anchoring the moment, feeling strong.

We are the Herd!

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  1. Thanks for the link, Laura Lee!
    I always like seeing the horses take a nap, and just as much enjoy seeing them have a romp on a cool morning.
    Interesting about the mountain lion. I've never seen one. Good idea to be in a herd if one is lurking around, though.