Thursday, January 19, 2012



This is the view from my porch (of course it was taken from inside, hello!) It seems all of Seattle is so BLISSFULLY quiet! The effects the micro-muffler powder has on noise in general compounded with the lack of traffic en masse is underlined by the small town feel of neighbors coming out and talking to each other (and highlighted by the toboggan-hill block-parties on the steepest closed roads).
After days of snow, downtown Seattle is practically closed and some winter storm warnings are in effect. It's been enjoyable just for the crispy crunchiness of it all, and because of condo living, my heater hasn't even been turned on. Socks, slippers, and a wool oversweater keep the ol' metabolism up and immune system healthy! Then I strap on my YakTrax and get to see things like this:

Beautiful bus stop berries! Like Twizzlers for birds... makes beaks happy!

... and on the first day of snow, THIS was happening (now all the buses wear chains, and you can't see any of the road OR sidewalks for all the ice and snow):

But you can't please everybody all the time. I'm snowed in and can't visit my pasture ornaments. I'm just glad they have some old growth trees to hide under and twenty acres to run on to keep warm. Then of course some just want to stay inside and love on Brown Bear. After a couple shots of my favorite whiskey, I think I'll join ye!
(Okay, maybe three shots)


  1. I think photographs of the fresh snow are wondrously beautiful, but that's it. At least I can view the photographs from my 80 degree locale in North Florida.

    Vern nice!