Friday, November 19, 2010

Peace and Love are Where We Make Them

Hello, lovies.

Popping in after a long ol' time.

Admittedly I've had much fun with this blog and come to find more people who resonate with this pea-and-lizard-brained life of mine, sometimes using it as a confessional (see last post) - and by the way, have been riding the horses lately, without incident or hint of trouble, and LOVING IT!! There is nothing like the smell of a warm furry horse on a chilled autumn ride. Happiness.

I have ceased to write about the drama in my life b/c I thought giving it an audience would hasten it's departure. (Did I use that apostrophe correctly? Possessive, right? sheesh) But it keeps happening, and I'm questioning the Taoist principle that focusing on the negative seems to bring more negative...

Have been out of work for over two years, doing everything and anything I can to keep this little family of mine together, the cat and the boys and sometimes Jeremy too... and I can only say that bad things happen. To good people, to bad, in-between, or however we're feeling that day.

Roommie trouble, living with ex-in laws (oh boy!) and getting run off a horse boarding property by a crazy drunk... ahhh, there is too much to tell. A decent friendship just blown off, not ending but not continued... such are the ways of the world, I suppose. Sadness everywhere, on everyone's face from one time to another. How can people constantly choose to live this way? I see joy in sunlight, blessing from rain, love in a chickadee eating berries off the vine. This is also everywhere I look.

I just don't understand why people must endure needless suffering. Or cause it in another.
But I'm letting it go.