Monday, May 10, 2010


This little piece of black plastic goes to the back of my phone case, should I want to replace my belt-clip insert with a flat one, so the knob doesn't stick out.

Why is this important? Glad you asked!

Because I had thrown it away after weeks of tossing it from one hiding place to the next, sure that I would never have use for it. And I guess I still don't. But one day it hit me that I wouldn't have the OPTION anymore. After going through my bathroom garbage container like one would go through their computer recycle bin, I realized I had tossed my bath garbage into the curbside container.

Like a second, far more SERIOUS version of the computer recycle bin, yes I unloaded nearly a week's worth of non-recyclables (was only a couple grocery bags, now that I think about it, but still... ew.) - with cotton swabs and produce stickers grossing me out, dust bunnies hopping everywhere on the garage floor, I found it. I decided I was not going to stop rummaging until I did, and so... I did!

Yes, this one seemingly innocuous gesture, as you may have by now guessed by reading ANYTHING I have written in the last year, has led to far greater personal enrichment. Not only did I force myself to endure the yuck that I had to go through, but my hip was out of place, I was hobbling back and forth, the wind was just enough through the door to make a mess to sweep up... all these things I had considered prior to my undertaking, and said hell yeah, it was worth it just to show myself I could accomplish just ONE THING I set my mind to...

That actually led to me accepting a previously turned-down invitation to a dance gathering in the middle of nowhere, at which I had conducted my own baptism, stretched the limits of my compassion to a limitless state, and had a most enlightening time. Many MANY realizations followed that weekend hence, including what it is that I'm doing/not doing that is holding me back from happiness... not just that, but actually trying to FORCE myself into shapes that I just didn't fit.

That was nearly four weeks ago, honeys. As many of you put it, it is good to be out LIVING the life instead of just blogging about it. Not even sure if there are too many of you out there who still read this... I know my most loyal commenters, and thank you SO much, it does really make my day to see you there! And I will continue to check back with you too... but it will be sporadic. I know you understand. Life finally got interesting for me again, and I'm following the bliss where it takes me (with nod to Joseph Campbell).

Some of our mutual bloggers have taken hiates (totally made-up word) hiatuses? or outright changed their pages to begin anew.

Methinks I shall just keep blogging, not every day, or even every week - but once in a blue moon when something like THIS happens.