Monday, March 29, 2010

The Stuff of Life

Here it is, honeys...

I unloaded my truck into a big bag, and brought the bag in the house. For a long time it just sat there, then I had a thought... what's in YOUR wallet?? Ha- well, take a look!

From the center, the purple blob you see there is a velvety zip-up hoodie, surrounded by a peach shirt and another grey hoodie. The large blue blob above it is a plush throw, and to the right of that is another blanket.

Going down you'll see my shopping bags (reduce, re-use, recycle!) and to the left of that, the softest towel ever! brown on one side and blue on the other. Going toward the upper left, you'll see a half-drunk bottle of wine, two six-pack carriers, a Round Table Pizza location flyer, and three pairs of shoes... my faux vinyl boots, my suede yellow walkin' shoes, and my blue jellies!!

With a nod to Dena, for once listing items she had in her trunk, I thought this may say something about me if I could only read the items, like tea leaves in the bottom of the mug...

What do you see? I'd like to know!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Greetings from the Farm!

Oh my goodness, things have been irregular in the household. The whole situation needs an Ex Lax.
Any and all insight and comments would be welcome as I go through yet another change, another trip into the unknown ...

Early February I came back from a much-needed few days away from the Farm to find that one roommate had traded a couple days with me on the schedule - not just without asking, but even without INFORMING that the day after I got back I was expected on duty... and that the other roommate had turned my heat completely off in my room while I was gone. Not a big deal, unless you consider I usually have the heat on about 65 and otherwise it gets to the upper 30's, which not only can damage my CELLO (as all you stringy artisans know these instruments should be kept in a semi-constant environment) but my Army-induced arthritis in my neck and back is HELLA painful at those low temps, and it takes SO LONG to heat a room up 30 degrees with a baseboard heater...

So that was it. I told them peace out and I would find another place. I wasn't getting along with one of them anyway and the other is a manipo-holic, lying, tyrant of a princess. I gave the owner my lowdown, citing irreconcilable differences, and in a twist second only to the ending of REMEMBER ME, the owner told me she would rather kick THEM out and that I should stay. She supposedly gave a 30 day notice the first weekend in February.

Then I thought about being there 24/7 and decided since one of those roommates USED to be a friend, perchance we could solve issues between us (wow! what a concept! working something out instead of running away! but it is SOOO HARD honeys...) and she could stay with me.

I was supposed to go to CA to visit my mom in the care home beginning March, and spend time with my brother, now that he is talking to me again after 3 yrs of having cranial-rectal syndrome (he had his head up his ass). But since one roommie was on vacation and was SUPPOSED to come back, and we hadn't heard from her, I didn't want to leave the other for a week of doing horses herself so I told her I'd put it off til we heard from the other.

Well, it so happens that the vacationing one DID contact the other roommate, who just didn't see fit to inform ME so I could visit my mom(she has a thing about relaying messages, just 'isn't her responsibility'), she just let the other one come back at her leisure after I had J come down to help, since I had been covering the roommie not just on her vacation but the previous 3 weeks when she had hurt her foot and couldn't work on the farm.

...and since the one hadn't talked to the other yet about her needing to leave, and since it was the end of the first week in March, I sat her down and explained the situation to her. It was very amicable despite our previous head-butting (we are actually a lot alike) and both discovered that our roommie and ex-friend x 2 had lied and misled both of us on numerous occasions. Great. I just kicked out THE GOOD ONE. F%#@!!!

The one who is allowed to stay is the lying devious one, and the one who has been hot-headed, but honest and hard working, is out. But to the detriment of the first one, since I put off visiting my mom til next week, when she will have NO help taking care of the horses for 8 days. She doesn't want me to go, but I will not put off my family any longer - especially since she ruined her chance when the 3rd roommie was still around, in her short-sightedness.

ADD to the fact that the orchard people have been spraying in the fields. The first time the owner wanted the horses in for two days, then more sprayers came out - I contacted her and asked if she wanted the horses indoors for this one too but she never got back to me. They were there for two days and I figured if it was dangerous she would have said something. then I began to find dead birds on the property, and began having dizzy spells. over the next week it got so bad I was kneeling in front of the toilet and got so dizzy I would fall to the ground. I contacted her a week later and she said she'd find out what it was from the orchard manager.

ANOTHER week goes by and I'm ready to just pull up stakes, I wasn't even sure I would be able to drive to the store to get more groceries! I called her again to ask what she'd learned and she was upset at me, telling me I should call the guy myself cause she works all day and is busy!

Well that was it! I packed up and headed to WA, and spent a couple days recuperating. My symptoms began to subside and so I asked J to take my shift last weekend. J found the guy's phone number in a drawer at the house so I called him, only to find out they sprayed Lime Sulfur - a completely organic compound (like cyanide gas!), but extremely dangerous and fatal if swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed thru skin. He got a dressing down for not warning us before he sprayed, but he is somehow of the opinion it is safe, so that is what the owner thinks too. I'm pretty sure there is something illegal about spraying chemicals without notice to residents. I'm going to look into it. Peeps are depending on me!