Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sorry, peeps, I'm having myself a time here... not in a good way.

Been down under the weather for two and a half weeks.

Have had issues with my laptop, getting it configured for the wireless connection.

Now I don't seem to be able to log on at home at all, trying to get it fixed.

At the 'Bucks now, but not able to paste my pics like I used to, by cut n copy - can only drag, for some reason, and the window as you all know for new posts is really SMALL

so forgive me, I have a couple of blogs in the works but can't seem to get them OUT


that is all.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Strawberries are Coming!!

I didn't know strawberries could bloom in September. Maybe these are super-hybrid monster strawberries or something. But they are blooming, and lots of plants are growing green berries, so we should be swimming in them in a couple weeks.

One leaf caught my eye, it is super cool - one lobe green, one lobe pure white - and the third lobe half green, half white - isn't nature amazing!

These berries sure were delicious ;o)~ Yes, I ate them just after this shot. Juicy sweet. Can't wait.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I've been looking at these and it will be nice to share them with you all. Quite a journey, it was. We spent a couple days on the road with the horses, slow going to Sacramento foothills where we parked for four days visiting family, then spent another couple days to get to Forest Grove, OR.

Here is what it looked like.

Leaving Arizona

Entering California

Reaching my brother's place

And the end result. By a long, crooked road. Happy cats and foggy horses. Click on the second pic to see Mt Adams in the background.

It really is good to live in the sky.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Gang's (Almost) All Here

Here we are, it is about 5 AM, looking north at dawn over the sleepy little town of Forest Grove. As providence would have it, once again, on top of one of the tallest hills around, except for the Coastal Mountain range to the west, I still live in the sky. Clouds all around, I see 'em comin' and goin' for miles.

I'm missing one photo of our girl Opal, a cattledog mix who is white with lots of black spots, has her tail, and is a sweeeeeet girl. But I'll add her later, I'm in town for once, dammit, and taking advantage of it to WRITE ONCE AGAIN!!!

We are halfway between Portland and the coast off Highway 26. Here are views out of the back of the barn, one east, one south, one west:

You can see the hill is covered with raspberries. Over that hill are another 50 acres covered in strawberries and orchard grass, the owner leases all this land out to various people who farm the berries and horse hay. Speaking of which, I'll introduce you to the gang. I hope the pics come out in order...

Softie, 37 year-old half-blind man; Davy, 27 year-old ex-racehorse, both gentlemen. Heart, 25 year-old ex-racehorse, and Snoopy, 12, and about 2000 lbs. His brother was an Equine Olympic Champion, and all he got was the free T-shirt.
Lizzy, just came off the racetrack at 5, slightly insane; and the boys, of course, enjoying company.
Gracie, 3 years and full of piss n vinegar; not as much as her 3 y.o. brother Monty, however. He chews with the roundest jaw circles I've ever seen in a horse. Perhaps I'll get a video.

Then of course there are the other HUMANS

Celeste and her over-joyous bowl o' berries, and Clare with her T-man. We think he is 1 yr old.

The ever-colorful Marianne: 17, beautiful, and pissy as ever.

One night, on a long night walk, Clare and I came across a young cat, very friendly. We thought at first she belonged to one of the few country houses we had been passing on this long longely road in the full moonlight. She started to follow us home - I swear she would have gone all the way home with us, but just couldn't keep up. Eventually she left off in a field somewhere along the way. She kept mewing, and as we got more distant my heart began to break... then the howls of the coyotes started up, and all the dogs of the neighborhood began to chime in... I was going to burst for fear. What had we done? A lost cat follows us somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, only to become food because she wanted to be with the humans...

As soon as we stepped foot onto the farm soil, I told Clare... "You know I'm going back, right?" "Yeah." So we hopped in the truck and drove where we last saw her, parked and started calling. Sure as shit she came out of the bushes, mewing and kneading the ground for happiness, it seemed, at being found, and even loved. She didn't like to be picked up. And the claws were needle-sharp... which meant only one thing. take off the hoodie and wrap it around her, and bring her back to the barn. Which is exactly what I did. She has been here a week now, and is the softest, most lovey kitty I have ever seen, and never fails to meet me at the barn even after sleeping in the walnut trees at night (which is how she prolly survived her maybe 8 months of being a stray) - she is Barn Kitty. Til she tells us her real name.